ASEAN Community Council







Specialized Council




ASEAN Political-Security Community

Advancing Partnership in Maintaining Regional Security: Strengthening ASEAN cooperation in in the face of Transnational Crimes and Terrorism.



  • Strengthening ASEAN cooperation in combating transnational crimes and counterterrorism.

  • Improve multilateral partnership among ASEAN Member States to ensure collective security in the region.

  • Further expand ASEAN cooperation with Dialougue Partners on facing rise of terrorism and transnational crimes in the region.

  • Cement ASEAN relevance in the international community in it's efforts to reduce transnational crimes and terrorism.

  • Improving ASEAN's ability in addressing Political-Security challenges such as terrorism, human trafficking, drug smuggling, and transnational crimes.

  • Enhancing ASEAN's capability to address current Political-Security threats through preventative diplomacy and cooperation in order to reduce transnational crimes and terrorism within the region.

Overcoming Challenges

  • Enhance cooperation for sustainable security in the ASEAN region through mutual trust partnership in addressing regional threats such as transnational crimes and terrorism.

  • Promote ASEAN's role in overcoming Political-Security challenges in the region.

  • Increase ASEAN's role in developing sustainable solutions to tackle Political-Security Challenges such as transnational crimes, drug smuggling, and terrorism.



ASEAN Economic Community

Transforming the ASEAN Regional Economy: Strengthening Economic Cooperation in developing Sustainable growth for all dimensions in ASEAN in the midst of Industrial Revolution 4.0 to reduce disparities within the region.

  • Strengthening ASEAN Economic cooperation.

  • Create a framework for an integrated ASEAN Digital economy

  • Strengthening cooperation to reduce economic disparities across all member states



Overcoming Challenges

  • Equip ASEAN in preperation for modern economic challenges presented by the 4th industrial revolution.

  • Promoting ASEAN Digital economy in micro enterprises.

  • Strengthen ASEAN cooperation in renewable energy productions and improve energy policies across all member states.




  • Promoting sustainable development in all dimensions.

  • Increasing cooperation for sustainable development in Energy Business in South East Asia.

ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community

Improving ASEAN Education: Improving cooperation for accessible Tertiary level education and better employment to enhance ASEAN integration for sustainable development among ASEAN Youth members in face of socio-cultural challenges and changing demographics by promoting an ASEAN Identity in national-level education.


Education & Employment

  • Improving tertiary level education across ASEAN and enhancing cooperation for better and more accessible tertiary level education across all member states for all people.

  • Promoting an ASEAN Identity in education at the national level

  • Cooperate to create better employment across all member states and ensure better working conditions across all ASEAN member states.



  • Adress socio-cultural issues by initiating programs employing workers to tackle socio-cultural issues such as malnutrition and obesity.

  • Establish an ASEAN program for employment training, wellfare.

  • Enhance ASEAN tertiary level education network.



  • Enhance ASEAN integration for sustainable development in the face of socio-cultural challenges such as changing demographics.

  • Establish a framework to organize body sectors and meetings to address ecological issues such as marine debris

  • Establish joint efforts in ASEAN wildlife conservations across all member states.