Specialized Council

International Press Corps

We here at Model ASEAN Meeting Universitas aim to empower the ASEAN Youth by spreading knowledge and awareness on ASEAN issues that we must face together as a regional organization. That being said, Model ASEAN Meeting Universitas Pertamina 2019 will be introducing a new council aimed for high school students.

In the International Press Corps, participants will role play and act as journalists representing the press and international news agencies. They will be responsible for informing the public on the meeting procedures and results, and will conduct interviews, write and publish news articles around the MAM proceedings and will have a press conference where the delegates and journalists will interact to discuss the results of the ASEAN Summit.

We wish to involve as many people as possible, and for the first time since Model ASEAN Meeting (then named Model ASEAN Conference) 2016, we are opening our doors to high school students in the region.