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Things you should know❗

•Available in all ASEAN countries
•For Myanmar delegates, we strongly recommend you to using MoneyGram as your MAM UP 2021 payment instead of Wire Transfer    and Western Union.
•International: US$6 (registration fee) + administration fee that may varies depends on your country.

Our details information you’ll need to send money with MoneyGram❗

 1. Information of our bank account

-Bank Name: PT. Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk. (Indonesia)/ Bank Mandiri
-Bank Address: -
-Account Name : -

-Account Number : -

 2. Our Scanned ID

-National Identification Number: 
-Place and Birth of Date: 
-Marital Status: 
-Valid thru: 

You must email first to get our scanned ID if you want to make your MAM UP 2021 payment using MoneyGram.

Listed below are some general instructions to send money with MoneyGram❗

1. Go to convenient MoneyGram location near you.
2. Be sure to bring your valid ID and the money you want to send.
3. You'll just need to follow the instructions of the customer service agent. In some cases, you'll need to show our scanned ID to the          customer service.
4. If the customer service asks you to read out the details on our scanned ID, make sure you pay attention to every details such as            recipient's name, birth of date, address, etc. Read it carefully and don't miss every single details.
5. Hand the money plus fees to the agent.
6. That's it. Get a receipt and keep it somewhere safe. 

Please note that you will be charged an administration fee no matter what payment method you choose. Make sure that we will be receiving the total amount of the registration fees (US$6)/(IDR 51.000) , so we will not get less than we originally request.

Once you had made your payment, please make sure to send us a proof of payment (a picture or a screenshot of the payment slip/receipt, and so on.) through 
with subject: PAYMENT COMPLETED_MAM UP 2021. Please introduce yourself first (the email must containing at least your full name, your institution, and what country you are from). 

Note: Fees may vary based on transaction details such as transfer amount, payment type, destination country, and delivery method and are subject to change without notice. Additional taxes and fees may apply.

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